Creating a Transferrable stream

You can create a stream by navigating to the Streams dropdown menu and selecting "Create stream":

Create stream menu option

You will then be asked to choose the type of stream you wish to create. Select the "Transferrable" option.

Stream type option step

Before setting your stream parameters you need to create the Vault smart contract and Vault Key NFT.

Vault deployment step

Asset type

This is the type of asset you intend to stream. Your choices are limited to ALGO or ASA. If you select ASA, you will be asked to select which ASA in your account you wish to stream. If you do not see the ASA, make sure the active account visible in the top-right corner has the ASA in its account.

Initial recipient address

The address of the account that will be eligible to claim the Vault Key NFT from the Vault. Once the Vault Key has been claimed, any account that possesses the Vault Key will be able to claim unlocked tokens from the stream.

Vault deployment step

After you have created the Vault and Vault Key you can create your stream. The recipient address will automatically be set to the address of the Vault you have just created.

Amount to stream

This is the amount of the token you want to stream.

Stream duration

The duration of time over which to unlock the tokens in the stream.

Cliff (checkbox)

Whether or not you would like a cliff or not. A cliff is a period of time after the start of the stream where there are no unlocks. The cliff is added on to the stream duration.

If you check this checkbox, you will be presented with a similar duration input as the stream duration seen above. The cliff cannot be longer than the stream.

Unlock every

How frequently to unlock tokens. This frequency cannot be longer than the token stream duration.

Initial unlock (checkbox)

Whether or not you want to unlock an arbitrary amount at the start of the stream (after the cliff, if applicable). This is defined as a percentage of the total stream amount.

Start date

The date and time to start the stream. If you have elected to have a cliff, this will be when the cliff begins, otherwise it will be when the stream starts to unlock tokens.

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